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So that our team can work on adding your hardware onto the VR Bound website we need you to fill in the following sections.

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Product Information

Product Information

Product Details


The type of display in the headset.

The display resolution.

The display refresh rate.

The type of platform the headset runs on.

The FOV in degrees.

The type of lens in the headset.

The distance between the lenses and the screen.

The distance between the lenses.

The width of the lens.

The type of controller included on or with the headset.

The types of sensors in the headset.

How much of the space that can be tracked by sensors in ft.

The type of connections built into the headset such as HDMI.

If the headset has a built in microphone.

If the headset has built in headphones.

The type of glasses the headset is compatible with.

How much the headset weighs.

The type of material the headset is made of.

The types of colour the headset is available in.

Minimum Requirements

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