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Introducing Sony’s answer to VR headsets: the Playstation VR. Designed to function with the playstation 4, this particular headgear provides multiplayer action even with just one headset! The PS VR incorporates the playstation move; controllers previously released for the console so for some players, learning the controls will be no sweat. Unlike the vast majority, this headset will operate along with a console - a unique approach.

While the price for this system might not be as high as its competitors, the PS4 and other accessories are essential for gameplay and therefore, increasing the cost. However, if you already have the PS4, then this would be a great option for you.

“Built for everybody”, PS VR includes the common adjustable head strap for personalised comfort along with a slick design so the headset can smoothly slip on and off. It was built to be as lightweight as possible so we can forget it’s even there - vital for a headgear system.

The biggest feature that Sony are showcasing is its dual-player modes, taking away the misconception that VR is a solitary gaming venture. The VR headset has the capability to produce an image not only in the headset but also on a screen for other players to interact with. Other VR headset producers have considered multiplayer but only with numerous headsets; Sony have discovered a different approach.

The PS VR have also introduced a new way to play with the playstation move. Using the camera, the playstation can calculate your presence with a great degree of accuracy enhancing in-game performance. Luckily for us, bundles are now available where we can preorder the headgear along with the required remotes.

Sony Playstation VR Specs

General Specifications

Display Virtual Reality Specification Display
5.7in, OLED
Resolution Virtual Reality Specification Resolution
Refresh Rate Virtual Reality Specification Refresh Rate
120 hz
Platform Virtual Reality Specification Platform
Field of View Virtual Reality Specification Field of View
100 °
Lens Type Virtual Reality Specification Lens Type
Focal Length Virtual Reality Specification Focal Length
IPD Virtual Reality Specification IPD
Lens Diameter Virtual Reality Specification Lens Diameter
Controller Virtual Reality Specification Controller
Sensors Virtual Reality Specification Sensors
Accelerometer, Gyroscope
Tracking Area Virtual Reality Specification Tracking Area
PlayStation Camera
Connections Virtual Reality Specification Connections
Built In Mic Virtual Reality Specification Built In Mic
Built In Audio Virtual Reality Specification Built In Audio
Glasses Compatible Virtual Reality Specification Glasses Compatible
Weight Virtual Reality Specification Weight
Material Virtual Reality Specification Material
Plastic, Fabric
Colour Virtual Reality Specification Colour

Minimum Requirements

Graphics Card Virtual Reality Specification Graphics Card
Not Applicable
CPU Virtual Reality Specification CPU
Not Applicable
Memory Virtual Reality Specification Memory
Not Applicable
Video Output Virtual Reality Specification Video Output
Not Applicable
Connections Virtual Reality Specification Connections
Not Applicable
OS Virtual Reality Specification OS
Playstation 4
Phone Compatibility Virtual Reality Specification Phone Compatibility
Min. Screen Size Virtual Reality Specification Min. Screen Size
Not Applicable
Max. Screen Size Virtual Reality Specification Max. Screen Size
Not Applicable

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Sony Playstation VR Reviews


Global Rating4 reviews

The global rating is the average calculated from all available reviews.

CNET Rating

While the motion tracking trails its PC VR counterparts, Sony's PlayStation VR otherwise crams a solid and satisfying virtual reality experience into an existing PS4 game console.

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Trustedreviews Rating

PlayStation VR is simply the best virtual reality headset you can buy right now. It’s cheap while not compromising on performance and quality. The headset is simply stunning and incredibly comfortable to wear, and the games already available are some of the best VR experiences I’ve ever played.

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Techradar Rating

PlayStation VR is an affordable introduction to quality VR. Many of the experiences aren't as crisp or as immersive as the ones found on the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive but, for a system that uses a PS4 instead of an expensive PC gaming rig, we're not complaining.

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Verge Rating

More than any single piece of cutting-edge technology, the key to making VR succeed is just getting more people to use VR. And with PlayStation VR, Sony has just made that a lot easier.

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