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Originally founded in 1993, the company Sony Interactive Entrainment was established to tackle Sony’s venture into the video game’s worlds. With the successful launch of the original Playstation in 1994, Sony have become a big household name thanks to their lineup of home video game consoles and accessories. Sony have sold more than 458 million Playstation worldwide.

With Sony’s interest in HMD technology going back over a decade ago, there doesn’t seem to be a better than the present to try their hand in the VR world. Also known by the codename Project Morpheus, Sony’s Playstation VR headset has been an eagerly awaited console VR headset and is scheduled to launch in October 2016. Sony are removing the stigmas attached to VR being a solitary experience by featuring Cooperative gameplay, allowing you to play with other players around you who are not wearing Morpheus.

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Sony Playstation VR


Introducing Sony’s answer to VR headsets: the Playstation VR. Designed to function with the playstation 4, this particular headgear provides multiplayer action even with just one headset! The PS VR incorporates the playstation move; controllers previously released for the console so for some players, learning the controls will be no sweat. Unlike the vast majority, this headset will opera...

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Sony Playstation VR

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