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The Samsung Gear VR with Motion Controller has been the first mobile viewer to take simplified VR to the mainstream. Allowing users of all generations that own a Samsung device (Galaxy s6 and beyond) the praise for such a headset has been widely spread. The Gear VR family originally started back in 2015 where preorders of Galaxy phones would receive a free Gear VR, since then the headset has eveolved beyond several iterations of what is now the Samsung Gear VR 2016.

The slightly newer, older brother of the previous 2015 Samsung Gear VR is pretty much the same as its predecessor apart from a few minor adjustments.

Aside from the newer, matt black finish and even curvier edges, the "sm-r323nbkaxar version" or as we like to call it "2016 version" now comes with added support for USB Type C which allows for cross device compatibly and faster transfer speeds. Luckily for those who are still stuck with devices using Micro USB, the 2016 Gear VR also comes with adapters allowing users to eaisily swap.

Samsung have also claimed that this newer model now also comes with an additional field of view, from 96° to 101° however it is yet to be full documented as to if this is entirely accurate or just marketing speak.

What's important to remember when it comes to the Gear VR is, although built by Samsung, it also comes to users through the ever so popular Oculus Home app. The Gear VR acts as the viewer and controller which interacts with Oculus software to provide you with an interesting experience. This allows you to interact with 3D worlds, interactive games and even watch your favorite movies from the comfort of a home cinema. 

If you would like to view the differences between the Gear VR (2015) vs the Gear VR (2016) you can see our Samsung Gear VR Comparison

Samsung Gear VR (2016) with motion controllers Specs

General Specifications

Display Virtual Reality Specification Display
Smartphone Display
Resolution Virtual Reality Specification Resolution
Smartphone Resolution
Refresh Rate Virtual Reality Specification Refresh Rate
Smartphone Refresh Rate
Platform Virtual Reality Specification Platform
Oculus Home, Android
Field of View Virtual Reality Specification Field of View
101 °
Lens Type Virtual Reality Specification Lens Type
Focal Length Virtual Reality Specification Focal Length
IPD Virtual Reality Specification IPD
Lens Diameter Virtual Reality Specification Lens Diameter
Controller Virtual Reality Specification Controller
Motion Controller, Touchpad
Sensors Virtual Reality Specification Sensors
Gyrometer, Accelerometer, Proximity
Tracking Area Virtual Reality Specification Tracking Area
Connections Virtual Reality Specification Connections
USB Type-C, mUSB and external USB OTG
Built In Mic Virtual Reality Specification Built In Mic
Built In Audio Virtual Reality Specification Built In Audio
Glasses Compatible Virtual Reality Specification Glasses Compatible
Weight Virtual Reality Specification Weight
Material Virtual Reality Specification Material
Plastic, Foam
Colour Virtual Reality Specification Colour

Minimum Requirements

Graphics Card Virtual Reality Specification Graphics Card
Not Applicable
CPU Virtual Reality Specification CPU
Not Applicable
Memory Virtual Reality Specification Memory
Not Applicable
Video Output Virtual Reality Specification Video Output
Not Applicable
Connections Virtual Reality Specification Connections
USB Type-C or mUSB
OS Virtual Reality Specification OS
Phone Compatibility Virtual Reality Specification Phone Compatibility
Galaxy Note7, S7 Edge, Note5, S6 edge+, S7, S6, S6 Edge
Min. Screen Size Virtual Reality Specification Min. Screen Size
Max. Screen Size Virtual Reality Specification Max. Screen Size

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Samsung Gear VR (2016) with motion controllers Reviews


Global Rating4 reviews

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Trustedreviews Rating

For anyone interested in purchasing a VR headset and who's already a Samsung flagship owner, the Gear VR is a no-brainer. It's easy to use and the content selection keeps growing. There's plenty of appeal here.

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CNET Rating

The latest Gear VR adds compatibility with Samsung's latest phones and cements its position as the best mobile VR product right now.

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Wareable Rating

Still the reigning champ of mobile VR, the 2016 edition of Gear VR is weeks away from facing its real first rival – Google Daydream. 

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Engadget Rating

Samsung's latest Gear VR is a joy to wear, and it's even more immersive than before. It's an easy buy if you own a Samsung phone, but be aware that Google's Daydream VR platform is on the horizon.

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