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Samsung is focused on making a better world with just one part of their diverse businesses being dedicated to advanced technology and entertainment. Experts in the phone market it’s to no one’s surprise they’ve build their VR HMD to fit exactly their specified models for the best VR experiences.

Samsung entered the virtual reality market in collaboration with Oculus behind the famous Oculus Rift to produce a high quality smartphone headset for their flagship Galaxy mobiles. The Samsung Gear VR has been very well received within the industry and has set the standard for all future plastic viewers entering the market.

Their interest in the Virtual Reality market comes before Apple or any other phone manufacturers expressed an interest, highlighting the fast adapting and quick thinking nature Samsung has applied to their changing markets model.

Samsung has not expressed an explicit interest in venturing further into the VR world but may very well release a newer version of their headset as newer phone models are released.

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Samsung Gear VR (2015)


Redefine your phone’s hidden power and immerse yourself in beautiful virtual worlds with the Samsung Gear VR. This mobile headset transforms Samsung's latest Galaxy smartphones into the ultimate virtual reality experience and transports you into games so that you become part of the action. Built by Samsung with help from VR pioneer Oculus, the Samsung Gear VR headset acts as the contr...

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Samsung Gear VR (2015)

Samsung Gear VR (2016) with motion controllers


The Samsung Gear VR with Motion Controller has been the first mobile viewer to take simplified VR to the mainstream. Alowing users of all generations that own a Samsung device (Galaxy s6 and beyond) the praise for such a headset has been widely spread. The Gear VR familily originaly started back in 2015 where preorders of Galaxy phones would receive a free Gear VR, since then the headset h...

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Samsung Gear VR (2016)

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