Proteus VR Lab Headsets

The London Based Proteus VR have been working on alternative above the average viewers for consumers who are interested in getting a bit more out of their virtual reality enabled devices. Unlike other viewers Proteus VR develop using only robust plastics, comfortable synthetic leather and innovative ways to attach your phones.

The company's core principles have evolved around their desire to create “fun, non-taxing enhanced media consumption experiences”. This has allowed Proteus to develop, manufacture and distribute their products to a global audience and still hold their core message at heart.

It won't be long until we see more products and interesting concepts released from the creative minds of their team.

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Freefly VR


Enjoy an immersive world with the Freefly VR, its foundations are built on a high 120-degree Field of View and extended comfort, with a nice faux-leather finish. The Freefly VR comes in a hardshell case with a wireless controller and is usable for a large range of smartphones. Freefly VR is a very affordable headset when you think about everything it brings. It has been made by the London based...

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Proteus VR Lab Freefly VR

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