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One of the most popular VR headsets, the Oculus rift grew popularity quickly thanks to many youtube stars. With highly defined optics and refresh rates, virtual reality has never felt so real. Oculus have introduced unique hand-tracking controllers to revitalize your experience as well IR LEDs to place in the room so you can really feel as if you have entered an entire new world.

You undoubtedly pay for what you get with Oculus. The Californian company provide virtual reality like no other with unique ways to immerse yourself while still providing comfort. Not only can you meet characters in your favourite games but can also watch movies, meet friends, and transport yourself to places all around the world! This one is for those who want to do more than experience virtual worlds but escape reality.

Comfort has been a key part of design with the headgear being extremely lightweight and perfectly shaped to fit to your face as if you’re wearing nothing; it doesn’t taint your VR experience. With this great attention to detail, the Oculus Rift provides a more comfortable venture than its cardboard counterparts.

Unlike many headsets available, the Oculus Rift provides users with integrated, 3D audio to enhance the feeling of distances as you play. Another approach Oculus has decided is the use of IR LEDs to improve tracking; movements will feel so life-like thanks to precision with sub-millimeter accuracy and latency next to nothing.

With more ways than one to control the world around you, one has the choice to experiment with hand tracking technology or to play with the well-loved xbox controller. It also includes a discreet remote for simple navigation. The Oculus Touch allows your hand motions to govern the world around you. The remotes include buttons similar to existing controllers; it doesn’t take long for players to adjust.

Oculus Rift Specs

General Specifications

Display Virtual Reality Specification Display
3.5in, OLED
Resolution Virtual Reality Specification Resolution
Refresh Rate Virtual Reality Specification Refresh Rate
90 hz
Platform Virtual Reality Specification Platform
Oculus Home, Windows
Field of View Virtual Reality Specification Field of View
100 °
Lens Type Virtual Reality Specification Lens Type
Hybrid Fresnel
Focal Length Virtual Reality Specification Focal Length
IPD Virtual Reality Specification IPD
Lens Diameter Virtual Reality Specification Lens Diameter
Controller Virtual Reality Specification Controller
Oculus Touch, Xbox One Controller
Sensors Virtual Reality Specification Sensors
Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer
Tracking Area Virtual Reality Specification Tracking Area
Connections Virtual Reality Specification Connections
HDMI, USB 2.0, USB 3.0
Built In Mic Virtual Reality Specification Built In Mic
Built In Audio Virtual Reality Specification Built In Audio
Yes (Removable)
Glasses Compatible Virtual Reality Specification Glasses Compatible
Weight Virtual Reality Specification Weight
Material Virtual Reality Specification Material
Plastic, Foam
Colour Virtual Reality Specification Colour

Minimum Requirements

Graphics Card Virtual Reality Specification Graphics Card
NVIDIA GTX 960/AMD Radeon R9 290 or greater
CPU Virtual Reality Specification CPU
Intel i3-6100/AMD FX4350 or greater
Memory Virtual Reality Specification Memory
Video Output Virtual Reality Specification Video Output
HDMI 1.3
Connections Virtual Reality Specification Connections
x1 USB 3.0, x2 USB 2.0
OS Virtual Reality Specification OS
Windows 8.1 or newer
Phone Compatibility Virtual Reality Specification Phone Compatibility
Min. Screen Size Virtual Reality Specification Min. Screen Size
Not Applicable
Max. Screen Size Virtual Reality Specification Max. Screen Size
Not Applicable

Oculus Rift Reviews


Global Rating4 reviews

The global rating is the average calculated from all available reviews.

Wareable Rating

Oculus Rift now boasts a growing collection of games thanks to the addition of the Oculus Touch. With the extra sensor, Oculus has enabled room-scale experiences that make a world of difference when using the headset.

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Techradar Rating

Oculus Rift isn't the all-encompassing "future of entertainment," but we're optimistic that it might earn that title in the coming weeks, months and years.

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Trustedreviews Rating

VR is still a very young platform, and no headset has managed to so far get it 100% right. The lack of interesting games, despite an impressive increase in numbers, makes the platform feel underdeveloped as a whole.

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CNET Rating

The Oculus Touch controllers add impressive finger and hand movement, plus physical buttons for traditional games. The Rift headset is well designed and compact. A strong collection of software offers many apps to explore.

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