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Oculus started with a simple vision from Palmer Luckey: to provide the world with Virtual Reality. Palmer Set off to innovate the first affordable and consumer reader Virtual reality headset starting with the Oculus Developer kit one. They initially received their funding from Kickstarter and since have received numerous rounds of investment from venture capitalist firms.

Due to the sheet success of Oculus, they were later bought out by social media Giant Facebook who have since provided the necessary funding to release their first consumer headset, The Oculus Rift.

When Oculus first started out, it’s original consumer base was mainly developers as it allowed them to affordably work on an “official” version that would then go out on the mass markets. Although the original price of an Oculus rift may seem quite high to the everyday consumer it is expected that their products will fall in price after more innovations are made.

Whether you're looking for VR headset or a VR Controller, you’ll be able to find many products under the oculus name. We’ve listed their most recent products below for you.

Situated in sunny California but with a global reach you can purchase most of Oculus VR’s goods anywhere on the internet. Including but not limited to their own store page and the Amazon store. Oculus greatly differ from the competition as they are often considered as the first to kick of this decades race for Virtual Reality. Their products are often built with quality in mind and you always know that you’re getting the most out of them.

As Virtual Reality continues to develop we can expect a lot of great things from Oculus. With Facebook behind the reigns of their product it won't be long until we spot a completely new product coming from the Oculus labs.

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Oculus Rift


One of the most popular VR headsets, the Oculus rift grew popularity quickly thanks to many youtube stars. With highly defined optics and refresh rates, virtual reality has never felt so real. Oculus have introduced unique hand-tracking controllers to revitalize your experience as well IR LEDs to place in the room so you can really feel as if you have entered an entire new world. You undoubtedl...

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Oculus Rift

Oculus Go


Releasing in early 2018 the Oculus go is a standalone Virtual Reality headset that requires no connection to a phone or PC. The headset is light weight, makes use of an interactive controller and has a high resolution single LCD panel. Experiences from the Gear VR store will be cross compatible with the Oculus GO meaning if you previously owned a Samsung Gear VR you can know play those games of...

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Oculus Go

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