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LG presents itself as one of the oldest companies of its kind in the electronics industry setting up shop in 1958. Based in South Korea, they have expanded to become a global tech company. However, they are equally seen as newcomers in the VR world, like the vast majority.

Unlike many VR companies, LG have already expanded through many areas. They have always specialised in mobile communication, home appliances, vehicle components, and home entertainment and have become one of the leading brands in these areas but have decided to explore new forms of enjoyment. Therefore, their target customers are going to be mainly homeowners and original customers - the people that have used and trusted their brand. Plus, only people with LG phones can currently experience the LG R100 360 VR.

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LG 360 VR


LG have taken a completely different approach to VR. Whereas some feel that LG’s effort could have been better, others praise them for their intuitive entry into the market. Currently the headset is priced in a much higher price bracket over it’s over phone competitors and even though it features its very own internal display it still relies on a phone to be able to run. This makes ...

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LG 360 VR

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