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HTC, originally founded in 1997, was initially a manufacturer of notebook computers but have evolve as one of the leading brands of smartphones we know today. In 2009, HTC became focused on Android and became one of the pioneers in manufacturing phones using the Google Android operating system. Now, they are taking virtual reality with one of the most capable VR headsets on the market today.

With many low-cost virtual reality headsets on the market today, HTC are taking the market by storm and making their mark with its impressive room scale ability. Developed hand in hand with Valve Corporation, HTC’s current virtually headset, the Vive, was designed to utilise “room scale” technology to the best of it’s ability. This technology allows you to transform your surroundings into 3D space (via sensors), making it “one” with the virtual world. This ensures you can freely and precisely interact with objects, giving you one of the most immersive experience yet.

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HTC Vive


Delve into the world of virtual reality through Steam Vr’s HTC Vive: one of the main competitors to the Oculus Rift. It is equipped with graphics and refresh rates the same as its rival but offers an exclusive way to play. Specialising in immersing yourself in the 3D space around you, the HTC Vive allows you to walk around as well as interact with motion tracked handheld controllers. Comi...

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HTC Vive

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