Google Daydream View (2016)

Mobile Headset

Product Summary

Introducing Daydream View, the comfortable and easy to use headset by Google. Having noticed many issues with comfort and the fact that most headsets looked the same, Google has taken the step to stand out from the crowd with their new virtual reality headset. 

Unlike many headsets on the market today, Daydream View is inspired by comfortable materials which people actually wear and have worked with clothing designers to produce a headset which is soft, cosy and comfortable to wear. Daydream View is one of the most lightweight headset on the market weighing in at 220g and fits nicely over most eye glasses. The facepad is also removable allowing you to wash it as and when you like. Google is launching the mobile VR headset in three colours; Slate (grey), Snow (white) and Crimson (red).

Google also realised that in order for mass consumers to adopt to VR, the headset should be extremely easy to use without the need of clunky wires so it’s as easy as popping your Pixel phone and you are ready to go. Daydream View is currently compatible with Daydream-ready smartphones which includes Google’s new smartphone Pixel. Daydream-ready smartphones are built for VR with high resolution displays, ultra smooth graphics and high-fidelity sensors for precise head tracking. 

Having thought of almost everything, Daydream View comes complete with its very own controller. With built-in smart sensors, the Daydream View controller provides smooth tracking and movements, allowing you to transform the controller into what your imagination desires. The controller also allows you to adjust the volume at the click on a button. As the controller is relatively small, Google has designed a groove and elastic loop on the inside of the headset which holds the controller firmly in place between uses, preventing you from losing it.

Daydream View is set to be released with its daydream-ready smartphone Pixel in November 2016 and will be available to buy in the US, UK, Australia and other countries.

Google Daydream View (2016) Specs

General Specifications

Display Virtual Reality Specification Display
Smartphone Display
Resolution Virtual Reality Specification Resolution
Smartphone Resolution
Refresh Rate Virtual Reality Specification Refresh Rate
Smartphone Refresh Rate
Platform Virtual Reality Specification Platform
Google Daydream
Field of View Virtual Reality Specification Field of View
90 °
Lens Type Virtual Reality Specification Lens Type
Focal Length Virtual Reality Specification Focal Length
IPD Virtual Reality Specification IPD
Lens Diameter Virtual Reality Specification Lens Diameter
Controller Virtual Reality Specification Controller
Daydream View Controller
Sensors Virtual Reality Specification Sensors
Smartphone Sensors
Tracking Area Virtual Reality Specification Tracking Area
Connections Virtual Reality Specification Connections
Built In Mic Virtual Reality Specification Built In Mic
Built In Audio Virtual Reality Specification Built In Audio
Glasses Compatible Virtual Reality Specification Glasses Compatible
Weight Virtual Reality Specification Weight
Material Virtual Reality Specification Material
Jersey Fabric
Colour Virtual Reality Specification Colour
Slate, Snow, Crimson

Minimum Requirements

Graphics Card Virtual Reality Specification Graphics Card
Not Applicable
CPU Virtual Reality Specification CPU
Not Applicable
Memory Virtual Reality Specification Memory
Not Applicable
Video Output Virtual Reality Specification Video Output
Not Applicable
Connections Virtual Reality Specification Connections
Not Applicable
OS Virtual Reality Specification OS
Phone Compatibility Virtual Reality Specification Phone Compatibility
Daydream-ready smartphones
Min. Screen Size Virtual Reality Specification Min. Screen Size
Max. Screen Size Virtual Reality Specification Max. Screen Size

Google Daydream View (2016) Reviews


Global Rating4 reviews

The global rating is the average calculated from all available reviews.

CNET Rating

The Daydream View is the simplest, most affordable way to turn a phone into an immersive VR headset.

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Verge Rating

Daydream probably won’t be where I have my most amazing VR moments, and I’m hoping to see wilder and weirder things from Google now that it’s launched.

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Techradar Rating

It's easy to get sucked into virtual reality with Google Daydream View. It's poised to work with more Android phones than any other VR platform, and it's very inexpensive. Of course, it needs more engaging content before it's worth purchasing.

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Engadget Rating

The Daydream View is a solid first attempt at a mobile VR headset. It's comfortable and VR experiences look great. The only problem is there aren't many apps available for it yet.

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