Briztech VR Headsets

Briztech VR is a Bristol based company who specialise in Google Cardboard headsets and take great pride in good customer service. Supplying both custom branded VR headsets for retail, and competitively priced virtual reality viewers for consumers they are a great start into VR for both businesses and enthusiasts on a budget alike.

The Google inspired headset makers have just released a V2 version with an improved design, simplified construction, better lenses, and even support for larger phones. However the flat-pack design with the Standard version is particularly great for giveaways and can be bought in bulk with unique designs printed on the viewer itself.

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Google Cardboard Standard


Say Hello to BriztechVR’s first Google Cardboard inspired VR headset, the Google Cardboard V1. First seen at Google I/O 2014, this headset became one of the go-to choice for those looking to experience VR on a small budget. This headsets turns your iPhone or Android smartphone into the ultimate VR experience without all the expensive gear. Just because you don’t own an expensive hea...

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Briztech VR Google Cardboard Standard

Google Cardboard 2.0


Are you looking for a fun and affordable way to experience virtual reality? Then the BriztechVR’s Google Cardboard 2.0 may be the perfect solution for you. Unlike the Google Cardboard Standard, this headset has an assembly time of approximately 5-10 seconds (compared to the previous 1-3 minutes) and supports phones up to 6” which is almost 99.9% of the smartphone market. This headse...

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Briztech VR Google Cardboard 2.0

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