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Set up in 2012, Avegant is a near-eye display manufacturer focused on delivering vivid video display and premium audio experiences. The California based company is pioneering the next generations of near-eye displays with its patented technology developed by CTO Dr. Allan Evans. With over $36M founding, Avegant are making great progress in improving core VR technology and are definitely one to watch out for.

Their flagship product, the Glyph, launched in early 2016 and is a sophisticated mediawear which has been designed for lightweight portability, rich audio and immersively precise videos. This virtual reality headset uses the world’s most advanced patented Retinal Imaging Technology, with advanced optics and microscopic mirrors which projects images directly to the eyes. More information on the Avegant Glyph Virtual Reality headset can be found below.

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Avegant Glyph


Having visioned VR in a completely different perspective, Avegant have created a unique, sleek headset moving away from the conventional head straps. Instead, it follows a dual function pair of headphones which work like a normal pair for audio but also have built in screens in the headband which easily fall over your eyes after readjustment. Then with a simple HDMI connection, you can watch yo...

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Avegant Glyph

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