Which Virtual Reality Headsets can I wear with Glasses

Don't let your glasses get in the way of a good VR experience

Here’s the situation:

You want to get into virtual reality but you’re unsure as to whether or not your pesky glasses will get in the way of a perfect viewing experience.

Well, fear not, as in this guide we’ve tested some of the most popular headsets on the market and will also give you some tips and advice on how you may even be able to play without your glasses on.


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According to our tests, and user reviews worldwide, the PSVR has the most universally accepting space for most glasses.

The majority of frames will fit inside, and you may only feel mild discomfort when it comes to the pressure of your glasses on the bridge of your nose.

Like with most VR headsets some users report a slight reflection of light from the screen and glasses when playing which can cause a distraction (however this will happen on most VR headsets.)

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Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift can sometimes be hit and miss and certainly has one of the smaller spaces for glasses.

The frame width of your glasses can be no wider than 142mm with a height of 50mm or less. Due to this make sure that the glasses do not touch the lens glass as this could cause scratching.

We suggest placing the headset on to your head, front to back, making sure to loosen any straps beforehand.

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HTC Vive

From our tests and user reports the HTC vive is generally more accepting when it comes to using glasses.

Your frame must be no bigger than 152 mm wide and 60 mm tall.

With the HTC vive there are some other things you can do, such as using the smaller face pad which uses up less space and adjusting the distance of the lens from the glasses. You can also pull out the wheels on the side of the headset to turn, making for more space.

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Samsung Gear VR

Whilst you can wear glasses with the Samsung Gear VR, most users report that with the focus wheel set to infinity, you can easily consume VR content without feeling any discomfort.

If you still want to wear glasses, be careful as to not scratch the glass.

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Other headsets

For most VRB tested headsets we keep information on the maximum size glasses measurements. You can view this information on the specification lists for each headset.


Next steps

Remember, don’t let your glasses get in the way of doing something you enjoy, while some headsets won’t work with them, there are always some that do.

Try testing out some VR headsets in person and you may find that you don’t need to wear any form of glasses, as with a virtual focus of infinity you may not suffer in the same way you do in reality.


Relevant guide: Do you even need to wear glasses with VR


If worst comes to worst:

You can consider switching to contact lenses whilst using Virtual Reality or be on the lookout for prescribed lenses that replace the ones in your headset.

If you know something we don’t or have a suggestion that works for you, make sure to leave a comment below or email [email protected]



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