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Which of the best VR events will you be attending this year?

This list is now out of date, view our new 2019 XR events guide on AIXR to stay in the loop

If 2017 was anything to go by, 2018 is set to be another jam-packed year full of technology and virtual reality events across the world. 

In this guide, we've outlined all the major events happening throughout the year in chronological order. If you have an event you'd like to add, make sure to get in touch.

This is a global events calendar that includes VR events from Europe, North America, Asia and more. Some events in this list do not have a confirmed date yet, and therefore have an expected month in its place. 


Digital Hollywood at CES8 - 9 January, Las Vegas, US

CES, 9 - 12 January, Las Vegas, US 

Sundance, 18 - 28 January,  Utah, US

VR Connects LND,  22 - 23 January, London, UK

Vibrant Digital Future31st January,  London, UK


VR Awards 2017, Austin Showcase, 5 - 9 February, Austin, US

Virtuality, 8 - 10 February, Paris, FR

Mobile World Congress, 26 February - 1 March, Barcelona, ES

EFM VR Now Summit, 18 February , Berlin, DE

D.I.C.E, 20 - 22 February , Las Vegas, US


South by Southwest, 9 - 18 March, Austin, US

Wearable technology show, 13 - 14 March, London, UK

Augmented Reality show, 13 - 14 March, London, UK

IEE VR18 - 22 March, Reutlingen, DE

GDC, 19 - 23 March, San Francisco, US

Innovate Finance Summit, 19 - 20 March,  London, UK

Smart IOT, 21 - 22 March, London, UK

Nvidia GPU conference, 26 - 29 March, San Jose, US

SVVR Expo, March, San Jose, US (Unconfirmed Date)

MXR Summit, March, London, UK (Unconfirmed Date)


Laval Virtual, 4 - 8 April, Laval, FR

Aaaexpo, 3 - 5 April, Guangzhou, CN

Future Tech Now, 5 - 7 April 2018, London, UK

EGX Rezzed, 13 - 15 April 2018, London, UK

Facebook 9, April, San Jose, US (Unconfirmed Date)

Tribecca Film Festival,   18 - 29 April,  New York, US

VR World congress, April, Bristol, UK (Unconfirmed Date)


VRLA Expo, 4 - 5 May, Los Angeles, US

UC Expo, 16 - 17 May, London, UK

VR World, 22 - 23 May, London, UK

Diversity in tech, 24th May, London, UK

The Next Web24 - 25 May, Amstadam, NL

VRX Europe, 17 - 18 May, London, UK

AWE USA, 30 May - 1 June, Santa Clara, US

Google I/O, May, Mountain View, US (Unconfirmed Date)


London Tech Week, 11 - 15th June 2018, London, UK

VR & AR World, 12 - 14 June, London, UK

VTTO, 15 - 18 June, Totonto, CA

Ed Tech Europe, 19 June, London, UK

Augmented & Virtual Reality conference, 21 - 22 June, Manchester, UK


Future Festival, 10 - 11 July, London, UK

Develop, 10 - 12 July, Brighton, UK

Siggraph, 29 July - 3 August, Los Angeles, US

VRUK Fest, July, London, UK (Unconfirmed Date)


EGX,  20 - 23 September,  Birmingham, UK

VRDC, September, San Francisco, US (Unconfirmed Date)


Festival of Marketing, 3 - 4 October, London, UK

Oculus Connects, October, San Jose, US (Unconfirmed Date)

VR Awards, October, London, UK 

VR Days, 24 - 26 October, Amsterdam, NL

AWE Europe, October, Munich, DE (Unconfirmed Date)


Develop VRNovember, London, UK (Unconfirmed Date)

VR Evolution, November, New York, US (Unconfirmed Date)


Siggraph Asia4 - 7 December, Tokyo, JP

VRX 2018 Conference & ExpoDecember 6-7 2018, Hilton Union Square, San Francisco, US


That may be it for 2018, but there may be new events on the horizon yet. 

Depending on what takes your interest, March and May seem to be the most busiest periods for event goers. For attendees that find it difficult to travel so frequently, luckily some of the events on this list feature multiple times through out the year in different locations.


This list is now out of date, view our new 2019 XR events guide on AIXR to stay in the loop


We're constantly keeping a pulse on the industry which means this Virtual Reality events list is being updated daily. We've done our best to include as many of the best events worldwide, exluding meet ups and the likes to keep things consicse and easily consumable.

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