How to deal with Samsung Gear VR overheating

Get back into VR quickly with these tips and tricks

If you're an avid user of Virtual Reality on the Samsung Gear VR, then you’ll know that overheating can be a reoccurring and irritating problem.

While some argue that we should be taking frequent breaks, sometimes you just want to jump straight into the action without any unexpected interruptions.

 In this guide:

 We’re going to talk about how to deal with the Samsung Gear VR overheating.

Before you jump in, make sure to do the following:

What’s your battery level at?

Using VR on any phone for long periods of time is going to drain your battery.

If you don’t want to stop because of overheating, chances are you’re not going to want to stop to charge.

Because of this many people try and charge their device at the same time as using VR. In our preliminary tests, this could increase your chances of overheating.

Not only are you using graphicly intensive applications, but you’re also heating up the battery through rapid charging.

  1. Charge up before using VR.

You don't need to be in a plane to use this one…

It’s a known fact that switching to only the essential functions needed is going to decrease its workload and increase its efficiency.

You don’t need to go through and turn your wifi, cellular radio, bluetooth etc off one by one.

Instead, you can simply switch on Airplane Mode and have everything deactivated at once. This is particularly useful if you don't need to utilize the use of the internet.

  1. Pull down the top tab until all icons have appeared.

  2. Activate Airplane Mode.

Alternatively, if you still need to be connected to online services, you can keep Airplane Mode on with Wi-Fi turned on as well.

When was the last time you closed any apps?

Whether its Facebook or Candy Crush, open apps running in the background can all add up and draw power when it's not entirely needed.

We suggest closing all applications that are not needed. This will lead to an increased quality in performance and increase the time it takes to overheat.

To do this:

  1. Press the left button on your Samsung device.

  2. Select close all or swipe away the apps you don’t need open.

Now let’s look at pimping your Gear VR.

The ghetto heat sink method

We mentioned this method recently in our guide on how to deal with overheating on the Google Daydream View.

Although the phones and headsets are different, the methods put in place are essentially very similar.

Let’s walk you through what you need to do below:

  1. Cut out a large strip of standard sized aluminum foil (around 30cm).

  2. Fold this approximately 3 times until it is the height of your Samsung phone.

  3. Insert your phone into the Gear VR headset.

  4. Secure this strip to the back of your Samsung phone and tape it to the Gear VR headset (we recommend electrical tape as it’s the easiest to remove).

  5. Ensure that there is still some surface area of the aluminum foil protruding from the sides of the headset.

  6. Keep the back panel of the headset off.

Stay frosty

You might need to spend a little more on this, but no other method works as well. Unlike other headsets, you may not be able to secure this as easily.

  1. Purchase and freeze a cooling gel pack. (Some people have claimed that they did not have to freeze the cooling gel packs as room temperature was enough to cool it down.)

  2. Place the cooling pack between the phone and Gear VR cover, or tape it to the Gear VR.

The only downsides?

  • Every time you want to use VR, you need to ensure at least one of the ice packs has been frozen.

  • You may need to wait a while for the ice pack to get sludgy.

  • The headset will feel heavier.

The power of wind

Now bear with us here as this may sound pretty obvious but have you tried simply pointing a fan in your direction whist in VR?

This should work to dissipate the heat around you by replacing the hot air surrounding the phone with cooler air from elsewhere in the room. If you tend to be quite active and get hot in VR, this could also work as a double bonus for you.

  1. Find a good fan and point it facing you.

If all else fails perhaps it’s for the best?

Yes, we know…

You came to this article looking for the best solution to dealing with the Samsung Gear VR overheating, but in some cases it’s just as good to take a short break.

Experts recommend that you should spend no longer than 20 minutes at a time in virtual reality, so take a break, let your eyes relax and jump straight back in once you and your phone are ready again.

In the meantime what are your proven techniques to preventing the Samsung Gear VR from overheating? Send us a quick email, [email protected]

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