VR Weekly Highlights - VR Chat, Oculus Start and more - 19th January 2018

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The Aftermath of CES

Following a week of massive announcements from CES, individuals and companies from across the world are more than ready to jump back into action.

This week the industry has seen everything from discussions on users health within VR to new controversial partnerships that have some users questioning why?


Highlights include:


VR Chat surcharges past two million installs

VR Chat is the social chatroom that brings both VR and non-VR users together in one space.

Recently it became a viral sensation due to coverage by significant You Tubers and streamers alike, reaching its peak with the widely shared "Ugandan Knuckles" meme video.

While it is unknown how many players are actually in VR, rather than playing with a keyboard and mouse, it has led to a consumer increase in interest surrounding virtual reality hardware.

Source: Road to VR


User has seizure within VR prompting new industry discussions

In shocking news this week, a user of VR Chat reportedly had a seizure while in Virtual Reality.

A YouTuber by the name of "Rogue Shadow VR" suddenly noticed the player (who was equipped with full body tracking) when he started violently shaking.

This has prompted questions among the community of; what can we do when someone is in trouble while in VR?

Source: The Verge 


Sony partners with Survios to bring "controversial" Jumanji VR to arcades

Despite user's less than enthusiastic response to the original release of "Jumanji, the VR Adventure" Sony has ploughed ahead in its plans to introduce the game into VR Arcades.

With the assistance of award-winning VR studio, Survious, Sony hopes to distribute the game in hundreds of arcades across 36 different countries.

In addition to this VR arcade release, the game is also set to be released across most VR platforms in the coming month(s).

Source: Variety


Oculus Launches, "Oculus Start " program for VR indie devs

Oculus is to launch its very own platform to provide access, support and savings to qualifying indie developers.

The recent moves comes in an attempt to make it easier for smaller studios and "one man bands" to jump into the Oculus ecosystem which may include:

  • Access to dev kits
  • Beta tools
  • Technical support
  • 1:1 meetings with Oculus
  • Free Unity or Unreal licenses
  • Oculus Wallet credits

Source: Road to VR


Dell Partners With Meta to Sell Meta 2 AR Dev Kit in February

Dell's website will soon see the Meta 2 AR dev kit headset on sale starting from February.

Expected to be bundled with high spec PC's, with localised demo content, it seems that Meta is finaly transitioning from its 2-year pre-order phase and pursuing an increase in technical users.

Many predict though that Meta still has far to come before it can ever be considered ready for consumer release.

Source: Tech Crunch


What was important to you this week?

That's it for this week's highlights, but there's been plenty of other news out there.


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