Must have VR gift ideas for Christmas 2016

With a year of VR in abundance, this Christmas is set to be one of Virtual Reality Galore. From affordable stocking presents to a tech enthusiasts dream, our experts have identified this year’s must have tech for all the family.

This is our choice of the best VR gift ideas money can buy for Christmas 2016. We like to think of them as gift ideas which are guaranteed to please.


Virtual Reality Gifts 2016


HTC Vive

Full VR Experience - Recommended for tech enthusiasts

Present Type: No-expenses-spared treat

The HTC Vive, released in April 2016, has made waves in the Virtual Reality community. Although not first on the VR Scene, and coming in at a higher price, this particular headgear is furnished with some of the highest specifications making it one of the leading in the market. Comfort and performance heightened through careful engineering, this headset is for the users wanting to feel the best experience available today.

From $799.99/£929.60 via Amazon US & Amazon UK


Playstation VR

Cost effective VR console experience

Present Type: Main present

As a relatively new contender to the market, the PSVR (Playstation VR) is a great cost effective VR Experience that doesn't use a mobile. Although not offering the same level of immersion as some of the higher end headsets, the PSVR lowers costs dramatically by using the Playstation 4. This saves high costs of having to invest in very high end PC’s as well as the headset.

From $599.99/£349.99 via Amazon US & Amazon UK


Daydream View

All round Mobile experience for all users

Present Type: Main present

Daydream View offers phone users of all platforms the opportunity to experience VR in a comfortable way. Google’s objective with this headset was to make it as easy and as comfortable to use (which they achieved quite well). When it comes to the mobile headset market, there are lots to choose from but the addition of the Daydream controller adds the layer of interaction that many other headsets fail to bridge.

$79/£69 via Google Store


Merge VR

Robust VR headset for Children

Present Type: Main present or stocking filler

The Merge VR is extremely robust. From dropping the headset from the top of a 10 story building to just general wear and tear, the Merge VR headset has seen it all. If you're worried about investing in an expensive VR Headset for your child, then this headset comes recommended to create any low budget, mobile VR experience.

$107.05/£79.97 via Amazon US & Amazon UK


Google Cardboard V2

Low budget, introduction to VR

Present Type: Stocking filler

At the lowest end of the Budget is the Google Cardboard V2. This is bound to keep you and others around you occupied within VR throughout the day. This headset may not offer a whole lot in terms of features, but it does provide a novice level expectation of what can be achieved through Virtual Reality.

$5.99/£7.99 via Amazon US & Amazon UK


Samsung Gear VR 2016

Perfect for Samsung phone users

Present Type: Stocking filler

The Samsung Gear VR has been the first mobile viewer to take simplified VR to the mainstream. Allowing users of all generations that own a Samsung device (Galaxy s6 and beyond) the praise for such a headset has been widely spread. If you would like to view the differences between the Gear VR (2015) vs the Gear VR (2016) you can see our Samsung Gear VR Comparison.

$95.25/£72.75 via Amazon US & Amazon UK


Dynamo Charging Station

Perfect for gaming enthusiasts

Present Type: Stocking filler

No one wants to run out of battery mid game and be tethered to the wall socket. As the ideal accessory for any PSVR user, the Dynamo Charging Station will charge your PS4 Dualshock controllers, Playstation move controllers, provide you with an extra two USB ports and act as a fantastic stand for your Headset.

$107.05/£79.97 via Amazon US & Amazon UK


Have your own suggestion of a Great VR gift idea for Christmas?

We're open to your suggestions, and they may just be added to the list if your case is wothy enough. Leave a comment with what your ideal VR gift idea would be email us directly, [email protected]

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