HTC Vive Controller


HTC Vive Controller
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  • Wirelessly interact and play in virtual worlds
  • 24 sensors, multi-function trackpad, dual-stage trigger, HD haptics feedback
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Battery Capacity: 960mAh
  • Includes one controller, lanyard, micro USB cable and power adapter
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HTC Vive Controller
HTC Vive Controller
HTC Vive Controller

Product Summary

Unlike the Oculus rift, Vive users were given the ability to use the Vive controller from get go, back when the headset was first ever released. The controller, fairly large in size uses an array of 24 sensors to track the position of your hands whilst picking up objects and moving around whilst immersed in VR.

With a battery capacity of 960mAh, you are given the ability to use the controller over long periods of time (around 6-9 hours) with the bonus of it being fully rechargeable via USB.

Unlike a classic console controller, users are encouraged to hold them like wands gripping the singular trigger on the back side. On the top side of the controller, there is a multi-function trackpad that will sense the users finger with light pressure.

Tracking across the controller is extremely accurate however, you will need to configure the setup with the HTC Vive Base Stations that also come provided with the headset or can be bought independently.

Many users choose to purchase these additional controllers to use as additional trackers and or spares for certain situations.

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