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Where to buy Virtual Reality Accessories

When looking to buy Virtual Reality Accessories, using this site will give you the ability to know exactly where to start. You can find some VR accessories at technologically focused stores but ultimately you should always look online for the best deals possible as most online retail sites tend to be cheaper than buying your gear in store. On VR Bound you can choose from all the latest headsets to find the perfect one for you at the right price.

On the accessories list are actual add ons that pair with your headset. These devices have range from hand held controllers to full fledged motion controllers for you to move in. Of course, purchasing a device the size of an motion platform controller really shows a level of commitment. You should make sure you're truly going to enjoy that type of purchase before making it. Yes, you want to be fulling emerged in the virtual reality world. But, pace yourself. Don't dive in like that. Especially since the technology is changing so rapidly that by next month, that same device could be reduced to half it's size. Unfortunately that's a risk with all technology.

The Best VR Headset Accessories

If you're already taken the plunge into the world of virtual reality, then you’re off to a good start.

There are many accessories available for certain headset models. It all depends what you're looking to spend and what effects you're looking to accomplish. Let's look at some of the available options for VR headset accessories:

VR Covers

Don't underestimate the power of having a cover for your headset. These covers can collect sweat, and prevent lines from forming when you overuse them. This ensures the maximum comfort for those of you who wear your headset for long hours a day.

Covers are usually not very expensive, starting from $15-$20. They are very simple and wrap around the headset itself. In most cases it doesn't matter what brand your headset it, there is likely a cover that's compatible with it.

VR Motion Sensors

Yes, most devices have motion sensors already, or even built into your smartphone itself. There are attachment motion sensors that can enhance your virtual reality experience.

These clip onto the headset and are able to better track your movements. It's more often that they are used to track hand motions. Unfortunately, not many devices are currently compatible with this enhanced tracking as far as a or media gaming experience goes.

The technology is still limited in game, although it's good to be prepared for what might be coming in the future. There are also devices that don't attach to the headset, but still track your movements. These can be joysticks or other input devices.

VR Gloves

These are actually technically motion sensors.

They have the sensors in the fingers of the gloves, which track every movement you make with your hands. If you're looking for the best gaming experience, these are probably a must-have. These aren't cheap, but they are well worth the money.

They often go for around $500. You've probably seen these gloves used in television shows or movies, but didn't think the technology was real. Now you know, it is.

VR Controllers

If you're gaming, you absolutely need to have a great wireless controller. It's hands down the best way to experience your virtual reality gaming. These wireless controllers can range in price. There are very cheap ones that come in at $20.

But, you're better off to pay a little extra so they are more likely to last longer.

Now, if you're really interested in the best of the best, there is also a prototype face mask. This gives a truly unique VR experience as it incorporates smells and tastes as well. There's even a built in microphone for communicating with other people. Again, this is a prototype. It hasn't hit the market yet, although it is considered fully functional. If you sign up to our newsletter, we can send you more information when it's hitting the general market.

There are many other accessories being tested and tried. There are panels to put your feet on, armbands that convert real life movements to on screen actions, mobile freeze packs so your smartphone doesn’t heat up so much and many more. So, even if you don't find accessories today that are compatible with your device, who knows what will be available by next week.

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